Novità 2022 collezione Very Pery

New 2022 Very Pery collection

Very Pery Collection

We immediately liked the name, Very Peri : short, immediate, nice. Then we read the reasons that led the Pantone Color Institute (the research center of the US giant that produces graphics technologies and catalogs colors according to globally recognized codes) to choose it as the color for 2022 . And we've come to a conclusion: no other hue could better represent the year to come than Very Peri , a periwinkle blue - in English periwinkle - with a vibrant red-purple undertone.

And here we are dear newlyweds, the wedding is almost here and you are looking for an original and current theme for your wedding, today the best possible choice can only be the superlative Very Pery; and we have dedicated an entire collection to him.

- Starting from the participation where the floral theme marries with the brand new nuance to create a new optical experience.

- Then the placeholder , an opalescent plexiglass plate with a special thank you for the guests on it and which acts as a napkin holder with the addition of a simple ribbon.

- And again the table marker , we stay on topic with the finish and the nuances but we choose a circular shape with a 3D overlap of an opulent mirrored plexiglass that recalls the same shades

- Finally, the king of the party, the one that will remain impressed on our guests: the cake topper !

Don't miss out on the offer

By ordering 50 placeholders from this collection you get the Cake topper for free !

NB you will receive a total discount of €17.00 exactly the amount of our cake topper.
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